~ Edwin Curran ~

“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without sound.”

Floral Arrangements

Choose or customise floral arrangements to brighten up your room and create ambience instantly!
All arrangements are accompanied by a small handmade card, a charm and your very own personalised message.

Classes & Workshops

Acquire a new skill and create your very own clay bouquet or floral arrangements with us!
We cover the fundamentals of clay floral crafting and arrangements whilst guiding you through to finally put the various techniques together.

Bespoke Bouquets

Get us to create a bespoke bouquet, specially customised to your specifications and budget.
You get to choose your colour theme, floral mood, wrapping, and flower types to come up with your dream bouquet.

Weddings & Events

Have a wedding or event coming up?
Drop us a note today for a no obligation consultation on florals for your big day!

From An Artisanal Clay Floral Boutique to a leading Clay Courses And Modelling Art Studio

FloraClay, Singapore was initially established as an artisanal clay floral boutique, offering bespoke clay floral arrangements, wedding bouquets and special occasion paraphernalias of every kind.

Maintaining her initial boutique aspect, we evolved to become a leading clay courses and modelling art provider, offering kinaesthetic learning of different clay forms using various clay mediums to anyone keen to embark on a claycraft journey.

Lilac Handtied Bouquet

FCSG’s Masterpieces

Browse our gallery and be mesmerised with our works of art.

Learn @ FCSG

Join our workshops where we’ll do the talking and you’ll do the doing.

Shop @ FCSG

When you need flowers immediately, browse through our e-shop and pick products off our shelves.

FCSG’s Calendar

Eager to attend our classes?  Check our timetable for class availability.


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