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“I have always been intrigued with things beautiful; flowers happen to be one of it.  

Chancing upon a website one day and fascinated by the realistic beauty and exquisiteness of her handcrafted clay flowers, it was a gold opportune moment when I decided to set far out to an island beautifully lined with beaches of warm, white sand and verdant lush flora to acquire craftsmanship skills under the tutelage of her greatest instructors. 

The year was 2007 and it has been an exceptional journey of floral clay-art for me since.” ~ Nora ~

Nora with the former President, the late HRH Mr S R Nathan @ SIP’s PaTH launch ceremony 

Our Humble Beginning

Starting out from the corner of Nora’s home, FloraClay, Singapore was established in January 2006 with the intention of creating unique, handcrafted clay flower masterpieces for retail to the local Singapore market.  

Outstandingly durable than fresh flowers and more life-like than paper and fabric alternatives, creations in the initial years were handcrafted none other by Nora singly.

Recognising that a demand existed for both clay flower retail and education, FloraClay then began instructing the art to those keen to embark on a journey of floral clay-crafting on a personal, business or recreational level.

Today, FloraClay’s creations are handcrafted by Nora and her highly-skilled team of experts and have, through the years, gained their own dedicated followings; for weddings, for life’s special occasions and among those open to innovative yet creative alternative gift ideas.

Meet The Team

Noor-Jamilah Ramli (Nora)
Founding Owner,
Principal Instructor,
WSQ Floristry & Certified ACTA Trainer


Passionate about her chosen field, Noor-Jamilah or better known as Nora, is a clay floral designer and instructor. 

Trained from United States and Japan, Nora’s start into clay-crafting began as early as in 2006.  She uses her acquired floral clay sculpturing techniques to engage her participants and is certified to conduct classes for both adults and children. 

Featured in numerous Singapore dailies and Sutra and Pengantin magazines, Nora’s clay creations have earned her a legion of fans among aficionados of handmade flowers. 

Nora, who also manages 3 other businesses, received her ACTA certification from Singapore’s WDA in September 2016.  She acquired her WSQ Floristry certification in March 2020. 


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