Corporate TeamBuilding

Not into high impact sports?  Find it tricky to get consensus for a movie or an outdoor adventure?  Or nervous about twisting yourself and a colleague into pretzels?  How about following our clay craft teambuilding programs and experience fun and creativity with your colleagues? 

Take a break from the computer and roll up your sleeves. Learn to tap into your inner craftsmanship from our clay craft teambuilding workshops and bring home a hand-made souvenir to show for it.

Explore your individual style with curiosity and guidance, then help to finish a larger scale group project with FloraClay’s assistance.  You’ll feel immersed satisfaction seeing how your small element can contribute to the overall aesthetic outlook and value of group’s project.   

Call 91127249 or email to get us to customise various corporate clay craft teambuilding workshops aligned to your organization’s objectives and bring enriching fun to your employees today!

Marina Bay Sands
May 2017, Singapore
Paramount Property
September 2017, Kuala Lumpur
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
May 2017, Singapore
Mattress International
2015, Singapore
Public Utilites Board
March 2015, Singapore


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