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Some may find claycraft child’s play.

@ FloraClay, the work we do is beyond rolling balls into shapes and sizes.  We painlessly devote time and care to ensure you acquire precise skills mastery when attending our sessions.

Our programs have been developed to allow participants to seek self-exploration through various techniques that can help relaxation, address pain, stress and mental focusing issues to ensure participants perform to their best capability.

Corporate Clients

Our corporate clients come from varied industries.  Those who have benefitted from our programs include:


1) ISS Group, Singapore 

2) Mattress International

Banking & Finance

Construction & Built




Food & Beverages

Health & Lifestyle

Public Service




Individuals, local and international, who have benefitted from our programs include:

– Farhana Farooq
– Bonnie Misra [Tania Clay Studio]


– Riddhi Shah
– Helen Yoshuary
Johor Bahru
– Jacelyn Kau


 Kuala Lumpur
– Halley Pua [La Flores ClayArt]
Dear Nora, it is not so much what is poured into a student, but what is planted by the teacher that really counts.  Thank you!!! 
From Halley (9 June 2014)
– Linda H’ng [Craft Your Gift]


– Asalatha Aldragen [Clay Secret Valley]


– Rena Kho
Sri Lanka
– Yamuna Weerakoon
– Ellen Wong


– Tania Misra [Tania Clay Studio]


– Fatimah Ibrahim


– Anita Mehta


– Poonam Sodhani [Prisha Art Creations]


– Dawn Phua [Dawnut’s Factory]
Dear Nora, thank you so much for your guidance the last 1 year while I did the flower course.  I have learnt a lot under your tutelage and really appreciate that you are very generous in sharing your knowledge and tips with me. Would not have been able to obtain my Instructor certification if not for your patience and encouragement as this really isn’t an easy course.  Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Lock + Store Christmas fair last year which allowed me to display and sell my works even though I was still quite a novice. And because of that, more people got to know about me and my works and I had a lot more orders and requests coming in this year.  Hope that we can have a teacher/student collaboration in the future. Once again thank you! And keep in touch.
ost sincerely, Dawn. (4 October 13) 


– Joyce Leong


– Grace Chua [Yours Gracefully]
Dear Nora,
Thank you! Clique as it might sound, time really flies and after a year of learning under you, I now have my instructor certificate. I remember stumbling upon this class through Groupon and it didn’t take me very long to figure out that I would want to continue to learning this craft under your guidance.  Being a teacher myself and becoming a student under you, reminded me of what I should be doing with my students too. Thank you for being so open with sharing everything you know with me and patiently instructing me every step of the way as to how to craft the perfect flower. Thank you for all the encouragement throughout this journey that helped me to persevere on even when I was so pressed for time because of work commitments as well. The journey with you has been fun.  Once again, thanks for everything! Do keep in touch and I look forward to the possibility that we can colloborate again in the future. 
Best Regards, Grace. (18 April 2014) 
– Angela Lin


– Tan Lay Hoon


– Amisha Bhatt [Aboli Calidus]
Dear Nora,
I take this opportunity to thank you! It was an amazing journey from the day I joined till I completed my Instructorship. I still remember my 1st visit to your studio, where I was really nervous and I was in dilemma, whether to go for this course or continue with my engineering profession.  Shifting from abroad in a totally new neighbourhood and choosing clay crafting as a profession was really a challenge. But You & Jayesh (My hubby) really encouraged me a lot.  The journey with you has been fun. I have learned a lot from you. Once again, thanks for your wonderful support, guidance & mentoring!!!!  Thank you,
Amisha Bhatt. (21 May 2014)
– Aparna Guruprasad [Clay Blossoms]


– Oh Chia Ling


– Jullina Buang


– Maszitah A Rani


– Amita Worlikar


– Khoo Cheng Teng


– Fiona Lee


– Alwiah Dahlan


– Kelly Cheng


– Maureen Tng


– Jyoti Agrawal
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Jeisubha Gurukrishnan
Ishita Mehta


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