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What has taken nature, millions of years to perfect, you can learn to re-create at FloraClay’s ClayCraft courses.  Our courses deliver what we promise, hence, don’t settle for less and experience a class yourself.


FloraClay courses take you through a fun, hands-on process of creating your own creative masterpieces in clay. Start with a quick introduction to the craft or sign up for out 1-session workshop and if you enjoy the experience and get inspired to do more, enrol in our more serious fundamental courses.

You’ll be guided to create modern floral art pieces that rival the beauty of their natural counterparts. And you’ll tap into your inner creativity, and learn a little about patience and attention to detail as you develop your craft.

Perhaps because of the composure, calm and focus needed, the cares of the outside world are left behind, and many have also found creating clay flowers to be an ideal antistress therapy!

Do check out our menu of courses and workshops and try a class today!


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