Learning Thru Play

Compared to formal academic education, humans tend to learn best through direct sensory encounters; even better when learning through play.  Play is a basic biological drive as critical to our health as sleep or food and play makes life feel better.  During playtime, we exercise our imagination, problem-solving skills, and many other important mental faculties.



1.  has scientifically proved to be good for brain stimulation that process emotions and executive functions.

2.  teaches us to use, what perhaps, is the most powerful human ability; our imagination.  When we imagine, we allow ourselves to explore simulated realities without abandoning the real world.


3.  teaches us to cooperate and play fair during rough-and-tumble-play; developing aspects of social awareness, co-operation, fairness and altruism.


4.  helps us attain new friends.


5.  is sometimes the best way to learn a complicated subject.

6.  allows us to do better in work and our daily life because of the total involvment and focus that play requires.

7.  delays mental decline in old age.  Research does show that the elderly who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer cognitive decline.

8.  is nature’s great toll for creating new neural networks and can reconcile cognitive difficulties, thus can help solve big problems.

9.  at work is not just useful; it’s essential by the saying “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going to play.

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go play with clay!


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