Miniature French Pastries Tray (Face to Face)

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Miniature French Pastries (Face to Face)


In the company of friends, sip tea and indulge in macaroons and profiteroles the classy way on a bright sunny afternoon.  Cant have enough?  Add on a slice of opera cake to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Oops!  Don't get us wrong... these are the real thing but French pastries crafted clay-styled in our 2-hours food clayart workshop.

Sounds interesting, isn't it?  Engage in some clay fanfare with us before heading for the real thing (on your personal account, though :D)


Another popular choice of all ages, young and old alike.


Course Suitability: A 2-hours class for learners aged 13 years above

Minimum/ Maximum Class Size: 2 pax to start/ 8 pax to a full class in our premise

Fee: $68 (clay and other materials provided, tools on loan during class)

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