Miniature Mee Rebus Meal (Face to Face)

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Miniature Mee Rebus Meal (Face to Face)


Have local fanfare for breakfast or lunch like the classic mee rebus and sip pink bandung to quench your thirst with it.  How heavenly life becomes...

Wait up, these aren't the real thing but clay-crafted noodles and its condiments in a chicken bowl to whet your appetite.  All in our 2-hours food clayart workshop.

Sounds interesting, isn't it?  Book a class and indulge in some clay fanfare with us before heading for the real thing (on your personal account, though :D)


A popular choice of all ages, young and old alike.


Course Suitability: A 2-hours class for learners aged 13 years above

Minimum/ Maximum Class Size: 2 pax to start/ 8 pax to a full class in our premise

Fee: $68 (clay and other materials provided, tools on loan during class)

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