The Benefits of Clay-Playing

Some find claycraft child’s play.

@ FloraClay, the work we do is beyond rolling balls into shapes and sizes.  We painlessly devote time and care to ensure you acquire precise skills mastery when attending our training sessions.

Sounds easy peasy, doesn’t it?  But why clay-play?


While you’re in the midst of clay-playing,

1.   your set of hands and eyes co-ordinate; allowing you to develop stronger and finer psychomotor skills.

2.   you shape yourself to be a creative, talented, happy and confident individual.



3.   you are able to 3-D visualize from flat images; enabling yourself to work on your balance of scale proportioning and sizing.

4.  you develop designing skills when you conceptualise your ideas into reality, articulately taking on the art of good colour sensing, form shaping and texture creation. 

5.  you motivate and enhance creative thinking within yourself.  You inculcate important life skills of      persistence, perseverance and resilience in the process of creating your piece.

6.  you relieve yourself from the stress and tensions of daily life as the acts of rolling, folding, knead and clay-shaping promotes nerve and blood circulation.  Clay-play is also a good tool for those experiencing  problems with mental focusing and pain.


7.  you encourage within to continue improving your artistic skills; increasing the commercial value of your artpiece which when traded, promotes entrepreneurship.



8.  you cultivate that recycling spirit by converting usable but unwanted items that could turn into a work of art for public viewing or a toy that would bring joy for a child or a gift for a loved one. 


The benefits are, needless to say, endless.  Reap them and enjoy one of our programmes TODAY!


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